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'Rust Never Sleeps' gallery to view our series of old cars rusting quietly in the yard of a Clayton, NC man by clicking on the 'Rust Never Sleeps' gallery below.

'Europe' gallery, a series of 24 monochrome images from Europe.

'Buku' Gallery displaying photos selected by Raleigh restaurant Buku, 110 E. Davie St, inspired by the pushcarts of street vendors from around the world with the slogan 'Global Street Food'.

'Caribbean and Mexico 1979-2009' gallery to see my series from the late 1970's and today, including an extended collection only online.

You can view Teresa Moore's beautiful photography at

Also, please check out Sterling Steven's great photography at

My work can be viewed at my gallery in Beehive Studios, 3rd floor, Father and Son, 107 W. Hargett St., Raleigh.

... and please check back, I'm currently working on new photos and I'll be posting more new pictures soon.